SXSW Hardware House



Stay tuned for details on 2016!


Looking for gadgets and hardware at SXSW 2015?

Last year we brought twenty hardware startups, manufacturers, marketers, entrepreneurs, distributors, and more together at SXSW so they could share their adventures in building hardware... Let's do it again at the Hardware House!


This year, Stage Two, PCHthe spirit of Gigaom and WeWork are down to bring you another great SXSW hardware happening! You'll see the latest and greatest tech demos, hear the stories behind creating CE hardware and gadgets, meet creators from Kickstarter and beyond, eat delicious Tex Mex, drink beer, and rock out to some live music. What more could you want the first Friday night of SXSW 2015?

Former Gigaom staffers Stacey Higginbotham, Signe Brewster and Carmel DeAmicis will sit and chat with some of the most influential companies in the IOT and consumer electronics space. (RIP Gigaom)

This is where you want to be if you are serious about the consumer electronics industry! 



6:00 - Intro. Networking.

6:30 - Featured talk with Hugo Fiennes, CEO / Co-founder of Electric Imp

6:45 - Three 5 minute hardware stories / demos

Leeo / Artiphon / OMSignal / Kube

7:05 - Featured talk with Brady Forrest, VP of Highway1

7:25 - Three 5 minute hardware stories / demos

Keen Home / Hackaday / Podo / Cinder

7:45 - Featured talk with Nick Yulman, Design and Technology at Kickstarter

8:05 - Three 5 minute hardware stories / demos

Highfive / Stir / SmartThings  

8:25 - Featured talk with Jason Johnson, CEO / Co-founder of August

                                                     8:45 - Live music set from Sweet Chariot!

                                                                  9:ish - Done?



HARDWARE DEMOS & TALKS ( times above ) 

These amazing companies will regale us with product demos and share something about how they came to be. Don't worry, they'll be brief and you may even win something! Lucky you ... ;)


Eddie Lee, President of  Podo

Russell Williamson, CEO of  Kube

Eric Giguere, Business Development at  OMsignal

Luke Ivers, President of  Leeo

Nayeem Hussain, Co-founder of  Keen Home

Shan Sihna, CEO of  Highfive

Mike Butera, CEO of  Artiphon

Andrew Mager, Developer Evangelist at  SmartThings

Sophi Kravitz, Mythical Creature at  Hackaday

JP Labrosse, CEO of  Stir

Karen Kaushansky, Head of Experience at  Cinder


Got a story to tell?

Looking to get your hardware brand in on the action? Got a prototype?  Ping us! or just show up, drop in, demo, and be part of a great experience with like-minded attendees. You never know who will be there who can help or needs your help. That's what SXSW is all about!